Photo 25 Dec Jurassic Park + Boring Christmas Eve= MEME CREATION!

Jurassic Park + Boring Christmas Eve= MEME CREATION!

Photo 28 Nov 80,048 notes the-absolute-funniest-posts:

This is a cool blog to follow
Text 22 Nov 129,192 notes That awkward moment when you’re playing hide and go seek and you can’t find a place to hide.
Link 22 Nov 17,067 notes When you see your friends...»
Link 22 Nov 104,177 notes Backflips?»
Text 22 Nov 88,430 notes When someone draws a picture of you and it’s ugly as f*ck
Link 22 Nov 135,769 notes When I lose my parents in the grocery store:»
Text 22 Nov 40,238 notes I used to cheat in Heads Up 7 Up by looking at their shoes
Link 22 Nov 80,562 notes When I see the words 'Based on a true story' before a horror movie.»
Text 22 Nov 157,356 notes That moment when you hear people fighting in the street.

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